Depending on the problem you are encountering, you may need a professional service to do the Atlanta Recovery especially if it involves hard disk issues like the hard disk is making a scraping sound. But aside from this, most issues can be solved with the help of the right software specific for data recovery. Nowadays, there is a wide range of recovery software that people can use. These types of software are compatible with different operating systems such as the popular ones which are Mac and Windows. The great thing about these types of data recovery software is that they are compliant with MFT and FAT. - Other than recovering bigger sized hard drives like 120GBS, it is also possible to do Sarasota Drive Recoveryon drives that have smaller storage spaces such as 2GB. The recovery of hard drives often needs the assistance of computer experts especially if the hard drive crashed. - The first process of recovering data normally involves an assessment to determine the amount of lost data. Once this process is done, the data experts or the data recovery software would then do a process that will enable them to copy the media into their own systems. process is called cloning. The actual process of Atlanta Recovery happens when the software or computer experts secure and acquire the data or files from the corrupted media.